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Delivering a Greener West

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People and Parks Foundation

Delivering a Greener West

‘Delivering a Greener West’ – The First Bus-led Sustainability Project

The bus industry recognises the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and playing a role in ensuring a sustainable future.

In partnership with People & Parks Foundation and Parks Victoria, CDC Victoria, Volgren and CMV Truck & Bus are collaborating in this first bus-led sustainability project.

The long-term project includes revegetation works at Werribee River Regional Park, beginning with the planting of a Blue Box Forest along Werribee River, as well as a bus repurposing project.

Project Partners are also working along with communities that are currently active on site - to explore future project opportunities.The sky’s the limit! However, as with any project of this scope, funding is key.

Each partner (CDC Victoria, Volgren and CMV Truck & Bus) has pledged to contribute $8,750 up front to this worthy cause.

This crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help us drive this project even further. For every dollar you contribute, the three bus industry partners will match your dollar equally (up to the project target of $35,000). So if you give $10, your donation will become $40. Give $100 and your donation quadruples to $400. It’s that simple! 

We believe that we can ‘Deliver a Greener West’ with your help. Help us make a greater impact by donating now.

** All Donations above $2 AUD are Tax Deductible **